Flashbang shooting photography
Flashbang Shooting Photography

I left school in grade 7 because I wasn’t coping.

I was then diagnosed with autism, My stress was so bad I could barely go to the shops.

I was unable to go anywhere without an Ipad to try and block everything else out so I could try and cope.

I was put on medication to help with my stress, I then gradually was able to go to the whole self program for teens with autism.

where Annie who runs the program bought me a camera to see if I would like photography.

and I discovered that I not only enjoyed it but others have said I have a natural talent, I also found that taking photos helps me when I am stressed.

I have sold framed photos at Graceville Fine Foods & Deli.

psychologist Lisa Brice is paying me to take photos of her new office and staff for her website. 

I would really like this website to succeed, because I am hoping to make this my Business.